Youth Offender

PhotographerGuen Fiore
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2014
About Photographer

Guen Fiore is a 1988-born, Rome-based photographer and engineering student, specialized in creative and portrait photography. Her interest in images has begun since she was very young, but it's during her studies in engineering that it got real. Guen's photographic style is eclectic and characterized by a sense of genuine and familiar warmth. Inspired by what surrounds her, she prefers to work with natural light. Driven only by a great passion and immagination, Guen realizes images with the purpose of staying faithful to reality and of bringing sincere emotions to life.  Without any formal education, in 2011 her photography path began. She spent some years working on her personal projects to develop her own portfolio. In 2014 Guen was chosen by Vogue Italia, among more than 120.000 photographers, for a collaboration between Vogue and Swatch on the occasion of Vogue's 50th anniversary. Between producing long-term personal projects, she collaborated with enthusiasm with magazines and brands. In 2015 she worked for the "Elite New Wave" event organized by Vogue Italia at Villa Necchi in Milan and, in 2016, she had her first big publication in Vogue Italia magazine. Her work has earned an "Honorable Mention" by prestigious competitions such as the International Photography Awards and Lens Culture Exposure Awards, and her pictures were published in Vogue Italia Magazine,, Vanity Fair, iGNANT, C-Heads Magazine, Fotografare, Sicky Magazine and others.  She puts her heart and soul in everything she does, representing what she loves the most and leaving an evident mark of herself.