Moments within
PhotographerGeorges Yazbek
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Drawn to experience the magical beauty of the state of Alaska, I decided to spend 3 weeks photographing the people and the landscape of the Last Frontier.


"Moments Within" We are adventurous, seekers and curious beings, wanting to feel, to live, to conquer and to escape. We want to find the emotion that brings us to the moment. The moment when things stand silent, when things seem complete, when things are authentic and when things are true. Through these photographs, I want to give a sense of being, a sense of self-realization, a sense of accomplishment and surrender. Let’s be. Let’s be and keep on being. Let’s appreciate each moment; moments we conquer, moments of hope, moments of courage, moments of completion. Give me a moment to live, sense myself in my own skin, sense life within, experience life without any judgment or any noise, experience the many gifts and encounters of humankind. I wanted to capture people in their moment, when they are the most vibrant, when they are in the now, in the peak of being worry free of what comes next or what came before. No matter what came before and what will come next, this is the moment that I wanted to capture, the moment when we sense the world around us and fully experience our emotions, feel them pass through us, and ultimately shine them onto others around us. The moment when we discover our true self, we stop and look at the world around and decide to become a part of it, to experience it, translating our senses into feelings that keep us in harmony and in awe with the world. *This series is dedicated to my late uncle Pierre Yazbek.