Wei - 50BOYS

Photographerå‘‚ é´» å©• Hung Chieh Lu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

/I have seen Wei several times about four years ago, He was always with a girl named Agnes. They're lost lovers. The relationsip was kept seven years but broke up finally. He started learning a lot of life alone. Like one of the last remaining endangered birds, the wind is getting cold, his eyes resting on so far away./ 『Wei』is one of the series in my project “50BOYS” which began since early 2015. As a female photographer to be, I exist for destroy everything were domesticated in Taipei. I choose strange males from dating app, Facebook and friend of friendsʻ (who I barely knew) as object. I ask boys to walking around their home then stay in their sleeping room, break into their daliy life and comfort zone as a stranger, observe the desire and the survival of human being. To me, it’s like into the wild. I'm one of the people who build up Taipei, how to express my love and pain to the city in my way - unstoppably, deeply, to prickle everything happened on this land. The more people I took, the stronger I can feel that Taipei, Taiwan is the roots of all my creation and work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /四年前我見過Wei幾次 他總是跟一個叫Agnes的女生一起出沒 有點兒離群的一對 他說與她交往7年分手後 獨自學習了很多事情 像是瀕臨絕種剩下最後一隻的鳥類 風的溫度開始變涼了 他看著很遠的地方/ "Wei"是我從2015年開始的"50BOYS"計畫中的一個系列。 選擇男性作為拍攝對象,以一個女性攝影師的存在,破壞被台北豢養的一切。 從交友app、facebook、朋友的朋友中找到的男生,幾乎都是第一次見面的陌生人。 我和他們慢慢走到住所附近,然後待在他們的臥房, 對我來說是in to the wild, 亂入他們熟悉安適的圈子,觀察人類的生存和慾望。 我也是組成這城市的其中一人, 不能停下來地、更深入地、去刺探這一切, 正是我對它表達愛意的方式。 拍了越多人們,我越能強烈感覺到我的創作扎根於台北,我的國家台灣。