The Winter of Chaos

Photographerå‘‚ é´» å©• Hung Chieh Lu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

Walking through the streets of Taipei, Between the business district and many high-rise buildings, I found an iron door ajar. After pushing it, By litter into the trunk of a mixed completely chaotic winter scene toward us. I'm extremely fortunate but unfortunate,he did not say it : the winter almost gone. 漫步在台北街頭 眾多高樓大廈林立間的商業區 我發現一扇半掩的鐵門 推開它後 由枯枝樹幹交雜成完完全全混亂的冬日情景撲向我們--- 我何其幸運又何其不幸, 他沒說出來的是:冬天就要過完了。