The Other Home

PhotographerMarina Paulenka
Entry Description

“The Other Home” is documentary photography project in which I show a female prison inmates through the justice system at the penitentiary in Pozega, Croatia, and way of life in it, where I question the issue of freedom, surveillance, home and otherness. Pozega Penitentiary is the only female penitentiary in Croatia where over 130 prisoners serve a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months and up. The project consist of 40 images in total.

About Photographer

Marina Paulenka was born in Vinkovci, Croatia, in 1985. She received a MA in Graphic Design from Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb. Currently, she is in her final year at the MA photography program of the Cinematography Department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She is a member of the artists’ associations Croatian Association of Visual Artists and Croatian Association of Designers. She is involved in organisation of Organ Vida International Photography Festival Zagreb. She won the Dean's award for the academic year 2013/14 and the Special Rector's Award for team project library edition 'Architectural Dialogues 21 | 21 | 21' for 2013. She was winner of Photonic Moments Portfolio Review 2014 at Month of Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was nominated for Erste Fragments 2014, ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2015, and T-HT@MSU 2015 Award for croatian contemporary art, NEU/NOW festival and Athens Photo festival. Screenings and work presentations at Aleppo Photo Festival, Backlight, Photonic Moments, MOB Format festival. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.