Entry Description

Series is about relationship between people and river Ganga worshiped as mothergoddess by millions of people around the globe.Spiritual relationship with a strong human desire to achieve eternal satisfaction,spiritual power,health ,wealth,healing and so on.In a way river Ganga is considered as river of hope and achievements are materialised through faith.A play of sacred interactive energies where on one hand there are human energies with a desire to achieve and on other hand mother Ganga as a source of energy .It's an effort to visualize this age old interactive spiritual relationship.

About Photographer

I am self learnt free lance photographer. I have worked on the theme Mothergoddess " River Of Spiritual Aspiration" for around eight and half years. the idea is about sacred and spiritual relationship between river Ganga in India and millions of people around the globe. The intent and the spirit of this age old relationship between both. It is an effort to visualize the inter play of energies in the form of river Gana and millions of people as devotees and other people. I have been practising photography for the last 17 years. I have used nikon d700 , d800e camera bodied and nikon 24-70(f2.08), 24-85(f4-208),35mm(f2),50mm(f1.4),80-200(f2.8)lenses for this whole story comprising thousands of photos.