PhotographerDermot Russell
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDublin, Ireland
Photo DateMarch 2014
Entry Description

I originally came to Westfriedhof underground station in Munich due to the wonderful visual style of the station, however the scene I found made me think of something other than an architectural image. This scene, and the quiet atmosphere that I felt here, brought to my mind how we all have to deal with the things that are outside of our control, despite all of our efforts with the things that we feel we can control. We strive to work, to learn, to apply ourselves, to improve, to love and to be good, but behind all of this is the patient waiting that is needed in order for our dreams to be realised.

About Photographer

As a software professional with a passion for both the artistic and the scientific worlds, I have in recent years channeled my creative interests into photography, focusing on black and white. I like to explore architecture, abstracts and landscapes, frequently utilising long exposures.