Road to Kobane

PhotographerGiacomo Sini
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Kobane was heavily damaged by the constant attacks of IS (Islamic State) and by the bombing of the international coalition anti IS.Many Kurds, despite the historical repression exercised by the turkish state, managed to escape from the besieged city, taking refuge in different parts of Kurdistan under the control of Turkey. The People's protection Units and the Women's Protection Units(YPG-YPJ), after an exhausting resistance, have managed to liberate the city, thus allowing a large number of displaced Kurds returning slowly in the city, opening the way to a gradual and difficult reconstruction of life.

About Photographer

born in Pisa in 1989, he obtained a degree in social sciences in 2014. Traveler, has passed through fifty countries photographing the social and political realities. Passionate about the Middle East and Central Asia, has photographed many times the reality of conflict in Lebanon and Kurdistan, focusing primarily on the struggles of the Kurdish population in the territories where it has established. He has lived in Istanbul for a month in 2014, carrying out a photographic project on the gentrification of certain neighborhoods of the city. Giacomo partecipate at the master in contemporary photojournalism at "Officine Fotografiche Roma" in Rome, where he was chosen to expose his reportage of Kobanî and Kurdish refugees at the national exhibition of "Fotoleggendo 2015". Since 2012 he collaborates with the indipendent newsweek "Senza Soste" and nowadsys is a contributor for Oneshot image. He is also collaborating with Wostok press and Luz photography