The Case of William James

PhotographerJB Rasor
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAtlanta, United States
Photo DateMay 2015
Technical InfoPentax 645Z
Entry Description

This project is based on a real life event and presented through a narrative style of imagery. A recent murder trial has ended with a conviction for 45-year-old William James. James’ wife, Kathryn, filed for divorce from her husband. Their relationship was rocky at best, and often things turned violent. James’ daughter testified at trial that “if he couldn’t have her (Kathryn) then no one could.” The day she filed for divorce and confronted James, he beat Kathryn to death, dumped her body in a remote Georgia logging area and was found wandering shirtless down a rural road half a mile from his wife’s body. James has maintained his innocence but the jury found otherwise and even his own family agrees with the verdict. This series is a fictional account of the events that transpired.