Documentary Photographer

PhotographerMarilena Stavrakidi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

White Simulator consists of documents and photographs from the old international airport in Athens, Greece. The project attempts to reveal the complex relationship between space, time, emotions, and memory. It is a cultural excavation and investigation into the history of Olympics Airways and the end of its golden era. The project makes a parallel between the current economic situation of Greece and the ruins of the burned airport, it is comprised of images depicting the airport’s ruins today and a personal archive of images combined with documents found in the airport’s remains.

About Photographer

Marilena Stavrakidi was born in Athens, Greece in 1991. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts BFA program. Her work, which is based on sociopolitical issues, has been exhibited at the SVA gallery in 2014 “Social Senses” and in 2015 “The Mentors Show”. Also in 2015 a video from her latest project was screened at the LOOK3 Festival. The informative aspects of her projects are an integral part of her work. She currently lives in New York and interns at Taryn Simon Projects.