I am single

PhotographerPatricia Ackerman
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

While looking at the sky in the north and the south of my country I discovered that there are also solitary up there, in flight toward it is not known where. Will the clouds as the words, looking for join other to communicate?

About Photographer

Patricia Ackerman was born in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in psychology, and works as a psychoanalyst. After having had contact with photography in his youth and not professionally, in recent years it has dedicated so intense and self-taught to this activity. His works have been selected in different contests and announcements, such as Transparesencia, Expotrastiendas and the Fundación Walter Benjamin. Participated in the last two years in various group exhibitions at the Centro Cultural San Martín, at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, the home of the bicentennial, the University of Lomas de Zamora, and in the gallery art and part, within the framework of the Festival of light-2010. He has also participated in publications of the Secretariat of human rights of the nation, of the Fundación Walter Benjamin and a book about the Carnival in Latin America. She has made a solo show, children from villa 31, at the Faculty of social sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. It integrates the network of photographers in community theater, which has been recognized with the UBA Rojas of theatrical Photography Award, in 2009, from the sample taken at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación. national First place in the Sony Award 2014 , and Latinoamerica first place.