Silent World

PhotographerKerstin Arnemann
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySt. Julians, Malta
Photo Date07/06/2015
Technical InfoCanon 5 D MK II, F13, 156 sec.
Entry Description

Silent world shows the beauty which surrounds us. The human race has to lower the standard to dominate nature and to raise the standard of participating in it in order to make the reconciliation take place.

About Photographer

Name: Kerstin Arnemann Nationality: German For Kerstin the best way of expressing herself is photography. Kerstin's specialization is Fine Art, Architecture Monochrome long Exposure, Architectural Street Photography and Landscape Photography. Photography enables her to express her own personal vision and to recreate the world in her images according to her imagination thus giving them a personal note. She avoids showing the viewer a simple game of patterns and lines, but tries to reach the soul of the structure. Her main aim is to create images that provoke emotion, stimulating the mind of the viewer and to convey her ideas and feelings of beauty which surround us everywhere. Awards: International Award-Winning B&W Fine Art photographer, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide. PX3, Monochrome Awards, ND Awards, Merit Award in Black and White Magazine etc.