I Am Missing You

PhotographerSofya Belousova
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Russian soldiers who are considered to be missing, and who presumably died in Ukraine during the special operation. Original photographs are taken from the Committie of Soldier's Mothers in Russia.


they told us we were arrested/things were going on as usual we had an order to pack food supplies tools heaters ordinary things just for the everyday we were not prepared for war/they told us they would release us to our parents that our parents would have to come here and take us home/ we shoot cardboard targets not real people/mom, dad don't worry, i will be back home soon (translated and re-worked extracts from interview with Russian soldiers who were captured in Ukraine in fall ‘14, accomponying the photographs) Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict Russian troops were noticed in Ukraine not even once, but Russian government keeps arguing that there are none. The pictures are worked with are photographs of missing or dead Russian soldiers, who died presumably in Ukraine during special operations. Some families still can not have the bodies to be buried. Hypocrisy that surrounds the whole situation hides the most important thing: people’s lives. And so they start to crumble, fade and they will vanish, - eventually, - without any recognition.