Entry Title: "How would have been? Part II"
Name: Romina Ressia , Argentina
Category and Expertise: Fine Art, Professional

Entry Description: These pics belongs to the second and third parts of my project titled "How would have been?" Project inspired in the fact that, despite the advances and technology humanity has today, there is a longing about past times, when things were more natural and handmade. Things used to be made with great materials for lasting a long time, while today everything seems to be disposable. I ask my self how would have done it renaissance people today. Would have they done it in the same way? Would have their problems been different to ours now? Have we evolved after all these centuries? Thanks to the team: Georgina Musi, Lucia Raineri, Maria Punta Raffo, Cande Navarro, Flor Tellado, Maria Pryor, Barbara Midley, Alessandra Archimio, Carolina Muller.

About the Artist:

Born in 1981 in Argentina, in a small town near to Buenos Aires. My passion about art started at young age but it was not until my late 28, after graduating in Economics, that I decided to dedicate my life to Photography. I studied Photography, Fashion Photography, Art Direction & Scenery in different places including The Teatro Colon. Owner of a pictorial style, I have exhibited my work in Milan, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Zurich, Czech Republic & New York. And it is repressented by important galleries all arround the world. A classical influence can be identified in most of my projects but it is taken precisely to represent modern issues, how do they affect to society nowadays and how other atemporal issues are managed today. It is the way I use to represent how people is touched by the changing world in which we live. The attempt to grant a fresh air to the classic style is one of the essential characteristics of my work.