PhotographerI relied on my photographs to classic acts , conventional sh
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrygdansk, Poland
Photo Date2015
Technical Infowet plate collodion
Entry Description

I relied on my photographs to classic acts , conventional shots. These canons surrendered destruction , destruction is very visible and painful , causing tension in the viewer and creates new meanings. Through the destruction scheme , styling I refer to passing but not about the transience of the body as such but with the passing of the image , the image, the canons of beauty, photography. I made my work in the wet collodion technique , which extends about decomposition and destruction of the material element . When working with a nineteenth century technology in the fumes of photographic chemicals and substances created image is a physical destrukcjom is exposed to destruction.

About Photographer

I was born 1975 years living and working in Gdansk. I study photography at the University of Arts in Poznan at the Department of photographs. In addition to digital photography often I reach for alternative photographic techniques such as wet kolodion , Cyanotype or pinhole photograph . Exploring and experiencing the potential of traditional techniques. Repeatedly photographing manipulating reality , I join subjective motives narratives and create unreal images (including planning) . I'm interested in man , the penetration of meanings, as well as dreamlike vision contexts bound with the history of art. In my work there are motifs associated with the human body , distribution , transience , family, motherhood and childhood world .