Smooth Dive

PhotographerNelton Pellenz
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

My work in photography seeks a closer look for the interferences of nature and other elements on the scenarios, as also the use of adjustments of the shutter and of the camera diaphragm and from natural filters aid. In this series, carried out in 2015, I make use of glass recipients of different sizes and formats, containing water with varied volumes, to capture images which refer either to its construction and the fugacity of scenery and landscapes of my surroundings. The results show strong relationship with painting, as also seek to generate tensions between reality and fiction.

About Photographer

Degree in Administration, I conducted some courses in arts with Charles Watson, Jailton Moreira and Maria Helena Bernardes. I participate in art salons, film and video exhibitions in Brazil and abroad since 2006, systematically. My start in the visual arts was with the video, in 2005, and much of this production brings nature as a theme, and the water as a conductor of ideas to describe a series of sensations. I use with some frequency, the fixed camera, the sequence-plans and randomness, seeking to create tensions between reality and fiction, as well as generate the apprehension of the senses of the viewer. With the photography, I record environments and situations where physical and natural changes visually modify the spaces; also here, chance has no part in the process. Adjustments in speed and from the opening of the shutter of the camera have been used to enhance aspects of the local brightness, thus presenting landscapes and particular circumstances of my environment for the observer. Among the recent exhibitions, are: Daily Prize Contemporary Photography, Belém / PA/Br, Time Salvaged from The Sea, Lisbon / Pt, Invented Landscapes, in Porto Alegre / RS/Br [2014] and individual housing development in Photogallery Virgil Calegari and Fiat Lux in Photogallery Lunara in Porto Alegre / RS, in 2013.