Riders of Scorn

PhotographerMohammed Tauseef
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

1. Picture is of the rickshaw puller I took through the frame of his rickshaw. I selected this because of the depth of his gaze. 2. An elderly puller trying to conduct the traffic. 3. A young boy sitting on a rickshaw and another one of about the same age pulling it. "Old" written on the passenger's shirt is ironic. Also it depicts the contrast between the privileges some people have over others.


I took these pictures in the streets of old city of Delhi, India. The narrow streets do not allow for any other means of transport to work effectively. The only way to get somewhere faster than walking is to take one of the rickshaws. They charge much less than the auto-rickshaws and are more manoeuvrable in the narrow and crowded streets of the old city. The rickshaws, though look like a bicycle, are much more exhausting to pull. And the ones who make a living out of pulling rickshaws often lack proper footwear. To make ends meet they take three people on the back seat. As the combined price of pulling three people would be more compared to one, in a single trip. They carry the weight of the world, or at least of fellow humans. And yet are treated with scorn.