Grandmother Earth

PhotographerMagda Kuca
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In this project,shot in wet plate collodion technique, where I was working with my grandmother, I wanted to create the impression that this is a kind of ethnological report of unidentified tribe, community. My grandmother is here the main member of the tribe, she is portrayed with artefact, in front of some unclear rituals and habits which I created. In general I recognize all grandmothers as a unique kind of a tribe. In this sense, just to be closer to them, the rituals I created are based on forgotten slavic customs. Wet plate collodion 19t- century technique used here, was also important aspect, since the roots of ethnology are connected with collodion photographs. It also helped me to create the situation which is timeless, since its hard to connect it with certain time. It also authenticates the appearance of documentary situation.