The Soul Series

PhotographerSara Lechner
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySouth Hadley, United States
Photo DateWinter 2015
Entry Description

This series is the marriage of two of my life's greatest passions: photography and dance. In addition, it gives a nod to my first artistic influence--my father, who is a painter. Though my face is not recognizable or even present in some these images, this series of images is thus far my truest artistic representation of myself as a person.

About Photographer

I am a self taught photographer, constantly exploring the genre, pushing the limits in camera and in post processing. I am constantly seeking new ways of expressing myself, and I live for the thrill of artistic discovery. I love to edit images until they become half photograph, half painting, defying easy categorization. I plan to make a career based on fine art imagery. Currently seeking gallery representation.