Wind Sculptures

PhotographerGiuseppe Lo Schiavo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoDigital Photography
Entry Description

Wind Sculptures is a photographic experience that present unpredictable sculpture created by the wind that only the instant of a high-speed camera can sculpt and keep it forever. A photograph as a sculpture and recorder of a performance. The entire project was taken around Europe, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Portugal, UK and Iceland. The artist is also a subject of this theatrical sculpture where human and nature collaborate in a performance with even changing results. The material used for this wind sculptures is a space weather blanket, a special low-weight and very thin aluminium sheet, gold or silver, developed by NASA in 1964 for the US space program. Is is used for emergency kits as a thermal insulation or as a locator beacon.

About Photographer

Born in Italy in 1986 Lives and works in London. He has studied Architecture at the University of La Sapienza of Rome and he is specialized in Architectural 3D Visualization. After working for 5 years in a famous design studio in Rome he decided in 2013 to become a full time fine art photographer after his photographic series Levitation received international acclaim and in the same year was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London. In 2013 Lo Schiavo presented a new series, Ad Vivum, a collection of photographic portraits inspired by the flemish masters that won the Portrait Salon 2013 and was featured as a front cover on BBC online News. In 2014 he moved to London presenting a new series, Art Currency, for his new Solo Exhibition “Beyond Reality, Beyond Photography” exhibited in Turin and in Munich during the same year. In February 2015 he presented his latest work, Wind Sculptures, an experimental project where the artist for the first time takes part in some of his artworks, interacting and performing with the wind using a weather blanket, creating an empirical union of theatrical sculpture and the nature. Lo Schiavo uses the camera as a creative and limitless tool able to reproduce and convey his imagination, he considers himself as an inventor rather than a discoverer. His biggest inspiration is the history of art, nurtured during his long period in Rome, and in fact in his photographic works there are plenty of references to the Flemish painters, the surrealism of Magritte, the Pop Art and the futurism of Boccioni. The works of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo has been featured on BBC, Inside Art, O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, La Stampa, Wall Street International, Rai TG1, Radio Télévision Suisse 1, etc… The works of Lo Schiavo has been exhibited in numerous art galleries and museums all over the world such as Saatchi Gallery in London, Aperture Foundation in New York , Museum of Contemporary Art of Acri in Cosenza, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul and in other galleries in Rome, Turin and Munich and Miami. Lo Schiavo’s work has been presented also in various art fairs such as Contemporary Istanbul, SCOPE art Miami, Affordable Art Fair Milan and Paratissima.