Photographertakashi kitajima
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNerima, Japan
Photo Date2014/12/17
Technical Info35mm 0.3sec ISO100 f1.4
Entry Description

This is one of self-project ”extrabokeh” of the photography. It is a moat among buildings of Tokyo. I found urban stillness to the waterfowl which rested a feather.

About Photographer

Takashi was born in Saitama, Japan and is now living in Tokyo. In 2010, impressed by amazing photos at Flickr, he aspired to be a photographer. In Dec. 2011, he became a contributor at Getty Images. By his continuous efforts and challenges, he established his own method, emphasizing glows at night scenes. In May 2013, he started a project, "extra bokeh". In Feb. 2014, his photograph, "the room of Vincent van Gogh", won a prize at FINE ART TOKYO. In Aug. 2014, he participated in “Google+ The Three Men Emerge” exhibition at Island Gallery in Tokyo. In Oct. 2014, he participated in “Photographers Obscure” exhibition at Ricoh Imaging Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.