Entry Title: "Dormant"
Name: Jacob Howard , New Zealand
Category and Expertise: Landscape|Industrial|Other_ARC, Non-Professional

Entry Description: I recently ventured up Mt Ruapehu, the ski season had just ended. As I climbed higher up the slopes shrouded in fog and cloud, I was brought back to present day as I saw the man-made relics sitting amongst the volcanic rock. What struck me was the strange relationship we have with this mountain: a volcanic giant, unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable, yet inhabited by people for a few months every year. Now, it was once again abandoned, the relics of the ski season lying dormant, just like the mountain they rest upon.

About the Artist:

Jacob Howard is a New Zealand based photographer / designer. He Graduated in 2005 from Massey University, with an Honers degree in Visual Communication Design.