Uncharted Territory

PhotographerCheryl Hassen
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew Germany, Canada
Photo DateJune 17, 2015
Entry Description

I started a 'shale series' this year and this is a photo of shale taken into and out of the shadow combined with my photo of the moon. Neither image is digitally enhanced. They are combined and offered as is to give us a sense of the landscape of an uncharted territory whether interpreted as the one on the ground or in the sky.

About Photographer

I started taking images by accident. I was frustrated from three years as an independent television producers after 12 successful years as a broadcast executive. One day I noticed a tree that had an 'ear.' I talked to it and confided that I was lost. Later I went in the house and took a picture of it. It had been there all along and it made me wonder what else I was missing.