Last Supper

PhotographerAlessandro Lacche
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

The Philippines is the most Catholic nation in the world. Cultural heritage of the Spanish domination, Catholicism is deeply rooted in the society. The series "Last Supper" investigates the private space of the Filipinos, their homes, allowing a look inward and intimate, in an attempt to understand the society and its spirituality. Almost every family owns a representation of the “Last Supper”, which strongly underlines the sacredness of sharing a meal. What results is a study that highlights various aspects of Filipino society, as the sense of taste and decoration, the differences between the various social classes and especially the great religiosity of this country.

About Photographer

Alessandro Lacché was born in Verbania (NO), in 1983, but soon after he moved to Rome where he grew up and graduated in International Relations. In meanwhile he experienced working in the social as well as with disadvantaged groups. During this period he started taking pictures, realizing that photography could be the genuine link between his studies and his interests. He is currently based in Rome.