Urban Solitudes

PhotographerAlessandro Lacche
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

Rome, indistinct suburbia. While the offer grows, the demand decreases. The economic crisis led to decay but it sometimes acted as an incentive for massive speculation. This is the case for the real estate area. Huge inhabited residential areas rose around the city, built often by the same constructors, with the same architectures. This work investigate this process, exploring the silence of a night vision, which turns out to be an obvious situation. Only a small window, with its lights on, stands out in the concrete monstrosity of none.

About Photographer

Alessandro Lacché was born in Verbania (NO), in 1983, but soon after he moved to Rome where he grew up and graduated in International Relations. In meanwhile he experienced working in the social as well as with disadvantaged groups. During this period he started taking pictures, realizing that photography could be the genuine link between his studies and his interests. He is currently based in Rome.