Into the Light

PhotographerKlaus Fengler
Prize2nd Place in Sports / Extreme sports
Entry Description

Light into the Cave, Cave Majlis Al Chinn, Oman on March 01th, 2014

About Photographer

KLAUS FENGLER, 52, is specialist in nature and climbing photography. The pictures of the successful climber appear regularly in national and international publications. For 10 years he accompanied the expeditions of Stefan Glowacz, including to Mexico, Kenya, Patagonia, Baffin Iceland and Venezuela. With the Swiss professional climbers Urs Odermatt, he was in 2004 in Greenland at the tupilak NW. In 2006 he crossed on horseback with gauchos and a region of Patagonia. Klaus Fengler is a freelance photographer since 2003. His research interests: sports, outdoors, skiing, skiing, Nordic skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, expeditions, Travel / Travel, Running, landscapes, reportages.