Woodstock Day 2

PhotographerAdrian Mirgos
Entry Description

Woodstock is one of the biggest music festivals in the world which takes place in Kostrzyn, Poland. Hundreds of thousands of people who love music and fun come here every year. I hope that by my photos, at least some people will see that even though hundreds of thousands of people are having fun in one place you can still be sure about your safety. Every year I try to create a separate photo series, so that on one hand all of them can be summarized in one series, and on the other, each individual series will show something else.

About Photographer

My fascination with photography started a few years ago. In the meantime, I completed study multimedia graphics in the 'Active Art Study of Theater and Film Techniques' and photography in the 'European Academy of Photography' in Warsaw. My photography is a combination of gray and emotions. In the 2011 year I set my goal in photography that I will only practice and develop in photography black and white. I deal mainly reportage-document, I like it. sometimes I try to draw emotions through only the light. To this day, I had two solo exhibitions in Warsaw (Poland). My dream is to show my photos in the U.S. and Japan, and at the same time able to do some pictures there free time. It is the dream mainly because of high unemployment in Poland, which struck me within for the last over a year.. Among other things, exactly because of this and a large amount of free time I decided to start my new big photographic project. In March 2013, I started working on my new project Vieworld Photo Magazine. Vieworld focuses on documentary photography, street and photo series shown in grayscale. I made a logotype, website, fanpage, all corporate identity and dtp. Furthermore, I am responsible for photo editing and contact with photographers. This project really made me developing, and a few thousand readers is a beautiful thing together with it! Over the next two years I would be able to spend this magazine on matt paper as a summary of all contained new contacts from the world of photography and interviews with them. In addition, most of my photographic awards (including three podium places IPA in the past two years) are associated with perhaps the biggest music festival in the world where in 2011 were over one million people: Woodstock Festival in Poland. Next year I will finish my five-year project photographing this place and I'm going to publish a book.