Sore Ground

PhotographerCamille Renée
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

In this day and age we as women would like to do everything. Be a mother, wife, and working girl, looking pretty And we have been told that sky is the limit. That we can do and handle what ever we want. But what happens if little by little you discover your feminine side is given you a lot of trouble. Your health problems are keeping you from concurring the world. You discover a twilight zone were you can't get out. Sore Ground is a photographic testimony of my self, an observation of my inner self. A side, a reality, I was not keen to show to others. Nor was I ready to accept it my self. I could not talk about the pain, but I eventually tried. And I used my images as evidence so I could understand it myself and to communicate with others. I often say my work is like an eclectic puzzle that I try to solve and create at the same time. The series I make are in fact single images carefully put together to strengthen each other and show the feeling I try to communicate through my work.

About Photographer

Camille Renée Devid graduated from the Artemis Styling Academie in Amsterdam. It was there that she discovered the power of the image, where she found and nurtured a passion for creating her own trend books and images. In the end she decided to follow her passion: she enrolled at the Foto Academie Amsterdam, graduating at the end of 2013. Camille’s work is strongly influenced by her international background, having lived in Curaçao, France and Spain. She is currently based in Amsterdam.