Entry Title: "ain't much color in memories"
Name: Matthew Malkiewicz , United States
Category and Expertise: Landscape, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Nevada Northern Railway

About the Artist:

Matthew Malkiewicz resides in New Jersey, he has also lived in California and Colorado, which ignited the drive to travel and capture the country's modern-day tourist steam operations. Vacations are now planned around and spent photographing special railroad related events, private train photo charters, and historical places. Matthew's fascination with trains started at the age of four months by watching a toy train run around the Christmas tree; he has been hooked ever since. Completely self-taught, first with 35mm and medium format film and more recently digital cameras and Photoshop; creating timeless images has become a passionate hobby. Early influences include Don Ball, Jack Delano, and Mallory Hope Ferrell; lately Zack Arias. Matthew was the runner up in the Center for Railroad Photography & Art's 2012 and 2014 Awards Program, and he has recently been featured on the CNN International, Weather Channel, DPReview and SLR Lounge websites, and published in Trains and Shutterbug magazines. His entire portfolio can be viewed at: www.losttracksoftime.com