Changing Faces of America - Dr. Chien Liu

PhotographerGloriann Liu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySAN LUIS OBISPO, United States
Photo Date2014 - 2015
Technical InfoNikon D4
Entry Description

I became interested in the controversies surrounding immigration in the U.S. With only brief research, and through personal stories from family and friends, I realized our immigration system is dysfunctional. I have recently begun a project about immigrants of various categories and ethnicity. In 2011 there were approximately 40 million immigrants living in the U.S. Of that group, 36% are naturalized citizens. The starting point for this project begins with naturalized citizens and their families who contribute to our society. The first immigrants to the U.S. that I photographed and interviewed was my father-in-law, Dr. Chien Liu.