PrizeHonorable Mention
Companybrukoff design
City/CountryGREENBRAE, CA, United States
Photo DateJUNE 2014
Technical InfoNIKON D600/20mm lens Panoramas
Entry Description

I have been photographing ancient ruins all over the planet for many decades. I attained permission to photograph at Mesa Verde before and after normal visitor hours. This series of sepia tone images feels to me the best way to express the aura of timelessness of the "ancient ones" who inhabited this area. I hope that I have been able to convey a sense of the effort required to for this early civilization to create these dwelling places and eke out a peaceful existence by creating an agrarian society in such a harsh environment.

About Photographer

I have been pursuing a career as a fine art photographer since my early 20?s. I studied painting, sculpture and design at the Chicago Art Institute, the addition of photography followed along soon after. My interest in the abstract art of the mid 20th century led to my abstract color photographs of walls. Architecture fascinates me. It manifests in my abstractions of forms, ruins, walls, steps and arches. I work in both color and black-and-white photography, as well as an alternative process, which I have been using for some time. I refer to them as Bronzetones.