The Blue Café

PhotographerJameson West
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryShawnee, United States
Photo DateJuly 4, 2014
Technical InfoRollei 2.8f, 120 Kodak 64T
Entry Description

This interior is from a café inside a now-abandoned shopping mall constructed in the mid-1960s. The long-exposure image resulted from a combination of fluorescent and natural lighting, combined with the use of medium format and tungsten-based slide film. The end result is a scene bathed in a steel-blue tone; a futuristic, space-age look appropriate for the modernist architecture and the shimmering surfaces reflecting off the aluminum ceiling, tables and chairs. The building is currently scheduled to be demolished this year.

About Photographer

Jameson West is a fine art photographer and visual artist born in the Midwest in the United States in 1982. He travels and photographs throughout the United States and holds dual degrees as a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. Primarily using traditional silver halide film and darkroom-based materials in his photographic work, he currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.