Last of kin

PhotographerHoda Rostami
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Family love can shape without being blood related. Sometimes, it can even begin and grow across time and through mutual agreement. “Last of Kin” is the story of two strangers who became family. Nanny, is a seventy years old mother of seven children, who all live abroad. all of them build their family miles away from her and once in every year visit their old mother in her small village in west Iran and bring her gifts. “The scent of expensive fragrances they have brought me, it is the part i get from my children”, she says. Sara, a fifteen years old girl who carefully observes her surroundings, is quiet with penetrating look in her eyes. She says: “ do you know why I’m so dark? Because my mum ate henna when she was pregnant with me to have a miscarriage. But I didn’t die. We are twelve children, and I was raised by my older sisters in a small house with only two bedrooms. When I became eight, I joined Nanny couple of nights for company, I fell in love with her. Now, its been seven years that I live with her. Although my real parents live in her neighborhood I only visit them every now and then, and I don’t know which one I love more! I want to become a doctor for the diabetic”. Nanny and sara are strangers who have been living together in the two rooms of very last house in the village. Every morning they wake up together, say their prayers, eat their meals, and clean the house. Nanny, makes dresses for sara from her own fabrics, and sara does “nanny's diabetes injections on time. Nanny, saves money for sara’s English courses and sara, saves to leave the house one day!

About Photographer

Discovered my passion in Photography with a Nikon Analog camera when i was nineteen & my early works include Fine Art Photography and experimental self-portraiture. I was born in 1987 in post-revolutionary Tehran. my Family were taking refuge in Tehran from Iran-Iraq war and soon after moved to Sweden where i was raised. Nevertheless, questions of identity, background & Women’s situation in my homeland Iran and Middle East has conectantly been my motivation toward defining my own style My work has been showcased in a series of group exhibitions in France and Canada and has been selected as the main showcasing picture for the Optional Hijab social media campaign. I also hold Bachelor in Innovation and Industrial Design from Mälardalen University.