Stranded Blue

PhotographerThomas Lehn
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The bustling port of blue boats is the is the focal centre of Essaouira (Morocco), with fishermen coming and going with the catch of the day – smelly, wet, tired and incredibly alive.


Out of the Medina and the touristic paths, the port of Essaouira is where Time really got forgotten. Hundreds of blue little boats are a wave of sea above the sea, and beyond them the ships arrive with the catch of the day: fishermen in boots and port-nomads alike gather and help bringing the fish ashore. It’s like a summoning, an enchant. The smell is at its peak, and so it’s the excitement: even the kids, curious, arrive, lured by the frenetic activity of the fathers. The fish is shared - for selling, for cleaning. The remains in the net, that wanted are not, are left to the birds and kids, who with different interest find the same treasure. And nomad am I, a traveller among locals; they don’t mind me, and I taste a bite of their life.

About Photographer

Born in South Italy, after studying in Rome he moved to Switzerland to look for his roots; there he found out that his roots are rather in the wind than in a fixed place. His passion for photography arose since teenager he got his first camera, and developed in time as memory-keeper of the world.