About Photographer:

Founder & designer of Amare Wear (www.amarewear.com) I am hopeless romantic, I create things because I fall in love with them. For me, it is not work. It is enjoy the process like being in the love, ups and downs inspire me. It is being creative. It is about being lost in the moment and coming up with new designs that I love. If I love them, I know people who's similar to me will love them.

Entry description: "Lost in the world" is focusing on my innermost thoughts - the self that I think I am, should be, as well as how I perceive myself in my dreams. It's the bridge between myself and my subconscious, the self in between imagination and reality. I believe human beings are not one-dimensional. My objective is to convey the self its inner struggles through surrealism, while leaving room for interpretation as if it were a puzzle being put together. I hope the viewer gains valuable insight into herself as well as of my personal experiences.