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Emanuele Cucuzza- Image in Progress

Emanuele Cucuzza is founder, publisher, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of Image in Progress, a new international publication that wants to tell the story of the players of the image industry in its ongoing developments. Photography here is seen as a creative and artistic expression, as a publishing and advertising medium that is not just a mere representation but dares to interpret.

Emanuele's old passion for photography took finally root when – while he was still attending university as a law student - he began working as a journalist, and then as a photographer, for the most important Italian luxury free monthly magazine. From that moment on he has never left journalism and photography. In 2004 he founded EdiFore srl, a family company working in the publishing and photography sectors. He worked as editor, photographer, photo editor, chief editor, editorial coordinator, Editor-in-Chief, art directors’ and publishers’ assistant for local, national and international independent niche magazines. With a long collaboration experience with brands, advertising agencies, galleries and magazines, EdiFore finally published, in December 2010, Image in Progress, its first magazine. And soon there will be an Image in Progress gallery in Rome…