Top 10 Advertising food Photographers

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The food we eat and order in cafes not only deserves to be eaten, it also deserves to be photographed. We all have this one friend who takes pictures of all his or her meals. Today we are going to talk about professional photographers who take artful food images.

In no particular order, here are ten best food photographers:

David Tortora and Jaime Travezan

Art Director David Tortora and Photographer Jaime Travezan have been working together since 2009 on both, personal and commercial projects. They describe their output variously as ‘anti-minimal’, visually rich’ and ‘realistic but categorically non-real’.

Steve Hansen

An award-winning photographer specializing in food and beverages, Steve Hansen brings an artist’s eye and a chef’s perspective to every image he creates for his clients. Steve draws upon his prior experience as a food stylist, professional chef, and digital artist to every shoot where he creates vibrant and impactful images that consistently resonate with the senses. After receiving a degree in baking and pastry from Seattle Central College, he continued on to the Culinary Institute of America where he earned his degree in the culinary arts. From there he began working his way up the ranks in some of the best restaurants in the world, including Restaurant Daniel in New York and The Herbfarm Restaurant near Seattle. During his time as a private chef in San Francisco he began to combine his knowledge of food with his photographic experience, and over the course of the last decade, he has created a photographic style which effectively captures the viewer’s imagination.

Mauro Turatti

Hyperactive Studio was born in March 2010 from the professional partnership between Mauro Turatti and Mattia Giani. Since he was young, Mauro refined his photographic technique, starting to work in the advertising world very early and featuring important advertising campaign from 2004. Mattia, in the same period, gained experience as post producer working with several photographic studios in Milan. Together, they created a modern structure able to create high level advertising images that place them at the top of the Italian emerging studios. The shootings for advertising campaign are always present side by side with researh pictures, that approach the world of art in a characteristic way. Hyperactive Studio wants to keep growing, dreaming and try out professionally to assert itself alla round the World.

Ira Leoni

Ira Leoni is an award-winning professional and passionate food photographer, working for magazines, publishers and agencies.

Fulvio Bonavia

Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer known for his uniquely inventive imagery. He has used food to create haute couture apparel inspired by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Prada; crafted jewelry, accessories, handbags, and shoes out of edible elements for his book A Matter of Taste; and produced advertising images for clients like Pirelli, Montblanc, Sony and Adidas.

Born in Italy, Fulvio started out as a graphic designer and illustrator of film posters before devoting his energies to photography.

As a photographer, he brings his artistic and design sensibilities to each and every one of his pictures, doing all of postproduction himself so that his photographs are infused with his vision from start to finish.

Steve Nozicka

Chicago-based commercial photographer, specializing in still life, location and studio photography.

Trevor Pearson

Los Angeles photographer Trevor Pearson specializes in tabletop, food, automotive, product and commercial photography for discerning and premium brands.

Julia Sent

“I believe it is possible to show the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, the beauty of things conventional and unconventional.
Simple things can be reflections of human desires, abilities, hidden feelings, stories.
The ability to appreciate, to be amazed by smallest fragment of surroundings will lead to appreciation an understanding of the whole world.” – Julia Sent

Isabella Cassini

Isabella Cassini is an award-winning food and still life photographer, based in Los Angeles and New York.

Noel Barnhurst

Noel Barnhurst is a food photographer in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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