Top 10 Aspiring fashion Photographers

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Fashion photography is everywhere around us – in magazines, billboards, online, and offline. Sometimes we prefer to ignore it, nevertheless, it reflects a story, a lifestyle, and photographer’s vision.

Iconic photographers such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn, and Mario Testino revolutionized the world of photography as we know it.

It is obvious that modern photographers have to fight for their spot under the sun and the competition on the market can be brutal. All of the photographers on this list strive for excellence and perfection.

Based on talent and exposure we have selected 10 most gifted emerging photographers from various countries.

Caleb & Gladys

Caleb & Gladys are known for their surreal and dramatic take in creating images that are visually stunning yet always aiming to redefine boundaries. Never one to bow to monotony, their works are a marriage of both beauty and art which brings about an array of alluring works laced in otherworldly inspirations.

Ever since the start of their fashion career, they have had their work published in numerous international magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, L’officiel, ELLE, Tatler to name a few.


Lucio Gelsi

Lucio Gelsi is an Italian photographer who lives and works in New York. He couldn’t remember when was the first time photography came into his life, but he keeps doing it until now, years after years, because he loves the beauty and the stillness. And also because the beautiful women.

Heimo Schmidt

Heimo is an award winning fine art, fashion, and advertising photographer and filmmaker.

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Chen Man

Chen Man exploded onto the Chinese fashion scene whilst it was still in its infancy. The photographer’s hyper-realised pop portraiture, shot for China’s Vision magazine, often 3D-textured through Chen’s mastery with both a camera and computer, has led to her being dubbed the “ Mario Testino of China.” She is credited helping to the evolution of the China’s beauty aesthetic. Although thoroughly modern in execution and appearance, Man’s imagery often references traditional Chinese culture, aiding China’s development of its own idiosyncratic aesthetic.

Romina Ressia

Born in 1981 in Argentina, in a small town near to Buenos Aires. Her passion for Art started at a young age but it was not until her late 20s when she decided to dedicate her life to it.

She studied Photography, Fashion Photography, Art Direction & Scenery in different places including The Teatro Colon.

Rog & Bee Walker

New York city-based photographers and creative producers

Peter Lippmann

Peter Lippmann is a still life photographer, born in New York, living and working in Paris.

His work is published in magazines such as Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, and Le Figaro.

Mudita Aeron

Mudita Aeron is a London based photographer specializing in editorial, fashion, beauty, commercial and portrait photography.

Gustavo Marx

Gustavo Marx is a Brazilian-born photographer based in New York city. He is lucky enough to have an amazing group of clients and a team that allows him to create moments he loves to shoot, simple images that convey the way he sees things–beautiful, sexy, and full of life. Gustavo lives in New York with his wife and son.

Saurabh Dua

Saurabh Dua works and lives out of New Delhi and Mumbai and has shot assignments for clients in India and abroad. His work has earned him credits and associations with brands like L.V. and Dior in l’offciel, Marie Claire, GQ, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, etc..

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