Bridge over the water

PhotographerShikharesh Das
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date20 January 2012
Technical InfoCanon Powershot G12
About Photographer

I have had a liking for photography from my high school days, though I have started doing it more seriously in last few years. Starting with pure Himalayan landscapes, I transitioned into portraits and intend to merge the two somewhere in future. Recently I discovered the added benefits of using portable electronic flash and have been completely smitten by it. I am now experimenting with using these little wonders outdoors to add another dimension to the pictures. I did not really enter photography competitions much so far – though I have been published in several magazines and newspapers, Singapore Straits Times being the most circulated one. I believe in keeping equipment as simple as possible. Locally I just carry one or two lenses while travelling I bring upto three. I have been a Canon user for long time mainly because of their very customer oriented service department. I am moving towards making most adjustments in the camera itself – though I use Adobe Lightroom extensively to add that extra punch to the photos. I have travelled more than 40 countries and have soaked up the different culture as much as possible. The most influential person I have met one on one is Mother Theresa in Kolkata, India - that remains a moving experience till date.