Soy Vey Dishes

PhotographerJim Golden
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJim Golden Studio
City/CountryPortland, United States
Photo Date6/20/2015
Technical InfoHasselblad H4D-50 Camera
Entry Description

Series of food dishes photographed for Soy Vey

About Photographer

Jim Golden Studio collaborates with creatives to fulfill your photography and digital post-production needs. We take your concept from idea through post-production in one seamless loop. Jim Golden Studio, located in the Portland’s popular Williams corridor, is a full service digital photography studio. Jim, a photographer, master retoucher, and consummate professional, has shaped a studio that moves imagery from concept to prepress with mindfulness to detail as its core value. Beyond Jim, the studio’s talent includes a producer, assistants experienced in lighting and styling, and retouchers who excel in advanced compositing and precision color matching. Clients are welcome to oversee their projects sitting comfortably in the lounge or spread out at the conference room table, with the 1500 square ft shooting area always in view.