Acqua Alta

PhotographerMattia Zaldini
Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Cityscapes
City/CountryVerona, Italy
Photo DateJan 2016
Technical InfoHigh tide days winter 2016
Entry Description

High tide in Venice. Just because Venice is Venice. In 2016, and after many years of projects, ideas and solutions, water is still there. On the floor, along the sidewalks, inside the cafe. Venetians are used living in this way. Water always forces them to walk with boots and on the catwalk. But they live. Their life is just few slower in this situation but it continue... Probably the solutions is not to avoid the high tide, but cohabit with it. How we can do this? Just look at Venetians. They do it since 800 and they will do it in the future.

About Photographer

I developed my passion for photography when I was ten years old. I started with a toy camera, and played with it for many years. I tried to see things differently. I tried to represent my feelings in every image. Today, after so many years, I am still trying to express my feelings through my photographs. For me, this is the only way I can escape the ordinary and create something extraordinary, something never seen before. Emotion is the most important component of my photographs. I need to be involved with the people and affected by the surrounding area and by all the sensations that hit me. There is an expression that I love to use: “slow photography”. It doesn’t mean that I use only slow exposure time. It means that before the shutter is released, I must first be in touch with my environment. Loving photography means expanding your mind.’s time to go out and make photos!