Saudi Girls

PhotographerMathias Løvgreen Bojesen
Prize2nd Place in Editorial / General News
City/CountryCopenhagen, Denmark
Photo Date28/02/2016
Technical InfoNikon D750, 34 mm
Entry Description

Hanoof, Jumanah and Amjad, all in their early 20's, stand in front of a Victoria's Secret lingerie boutique chatting and drinking alcohol-free beer in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. "We wear our niqab to protect ourselves against men," they say. "We do it for Islam, and actually it's no problem for us." Saudi Arabia is known as the country where women have very few rights. As an example they are not allowed to drive a car and they have to wear this special clothing, covering most of their body and face.

About Photographer

Photojournalist student from Danish School of Media and Journalism. Intern at the photo agency Scanpix.