Lighting Clothes

PhotographerRamon Vaquero
Prize2nd Place in Advertising / Beauty
CompanyRamon Vaquero-Fotografia
City/CountryVigo, Spain
Photo DateJanuary 2013
Technical InfoNikon D800, 70-200, PS CS5
Entry Description

Lighting Clothes is a personal fashion/beauty image series where clothing or jewelry are replaced by laser light lines, as an attempt to create a metaphor of the conventional elements of the fashion world, as well as an image about the elegance itself. To give the desired character to the images, it was chosen a mixture of two different light sources like studio gel-coloured flash units along with continuous laser light. Simplicity and strong basic coloured light contrast were the main approach for the making of these images.

About Photographer

Vigo (Spain)-based professional photographer since the nineties. Advertising image works, social, industrial, studio and report for official institutions, public and private institutions, companies, visual producers, agencies and private clients. At the same time he develops personal photography as an author. Several have been award-winning, shown in exhibitions and published internationally.