Double Life

PhotographerReiko Nonaka
Prize2nd Place in People / Family
City/CountryParis, France
Entry Description

Being a twin, it is what influenced me the most in my life. Since our childhood, we share our lives completely; everything is in a pair. From a certain age, our ways diverged and we each began to lead a life of our own. However the bond that connects us never breaks. No doubt, we are physically two people, with a life of our own, but the fact of having shared and grown together in our mother’s womb before birth creates a bond that is unimaginable. Since the beginning, we form a unit and live a “double life”, sometimes shared and sometimes separate, for eternity.

About Photographer

Reiko Nonaka is a Japanese Photographer, born in Nagasaki, Japan, who currently resides and works in Paris. After her studies in the Sciences of Human Life at the University of Hiroshima, she became an engineer of computer systems at Panasonic in Osaka, Japan. While working, she learned photography at the School of Art and Photography in Osaka, Japan. In 2002, she started her collective and personal exhibitions in Japan. To deepen her photographic work, she settled in Paris in 2005. She received a Masters in Photographs and Contemporary Art at the University of Paris VIII.