bebe vio

Photographercristian castelnuovo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCristian Castelnuovo Fotografo
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo Date11-2016
Technical Infodigital photography
Entry Description

Beatrice Maria “Bebe” Vio (born 4 March 1997) is an Italian wheelchair fencer, European champion in 2014 and 2016, World champion in 2015, and Paralympic champion in 2016 in the foil B category. In late 2008 she contracted what was first thought to be a common flu, but turned out to be severe meningitis. Necrosis led to the amputation of both her legs from the knee, and both her arms from the forearms. After more than three months of intensive rehabilitation she was able to come back to sport. She uses a special prosthetics to hold her foil, fencing from the shoulder. Under the coaching of Federica Berton and Alice Esposito she took part in her first wheelchair fencing competition in 2010. Her experience inspired her parents to found the non-profit organization Art4sport, which promotes sport for amputee young people.

About Photographer

BIO Professional photographer, graduated form Ma Photographic Studies at Westminster University, London GB. Published, with his portraits and editorial work, on all the most important weekly and monthly magazines on the Italian market, winner of the Celeste art prize 2006 nominated by the art magazine Arte in 2010 as, the most interesting to buy, young photographer in Italy. In the last ten years Castelnuovo has participated to numerous important collective and pCristian Castelnuovo, is an award winning photographer and video maker. With over 13 years specialized experience in visual production, he has undertaken photographic and video works worldwide in the fields of Art, Fashion, Politics, Art, Music, Tv and Lifestyle.