Ties of perception

PhotographerNofar Horovitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrygivatyem, Israel
Photo Date2016
Technical Infoblack and white self portrait
Entry Description

A black and white studio , self portrait . this image is the leading image of the series "Ties of perception " I decided to express in this project my view of humans and their desires, the glass walls that we erect in our way, when we are prevented from achieving our dreams and ambitions. Compromising on the mediocre, the norm, the ordinary instead of setting ourselves goals that we perceive as daydreams, with only a rare chance of fulfillment. Relinquishing before it is too late future aims and dreams, whether in the fields of relationships, career, or actually any aspect of life, on the simple basis that there are few chances that we will achieve them. All this led me to understand the many barriers that we set ourselves, and as such, we are the only ones, and in truth, the first, to sabotage our happiness.

About Photographer

All of my projects are inspired and related to my mission: exploring the gap between reality and physical facts to the imagination and individual perception. Photography for me is a remarkable tool that allows me to sculpt my vision into an image, I appreciate the necessity of light in the picture, and also the lack thereof. In my observation of the world, I examine and focus on details that make up the greater picture, and at the same time, I skip various components, sometimes in a less controlled manner so as to leave gaps, which viewers can fill in according to their own perspectives