Voice of Construction

Photographersky ng
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymedan, Indonesia
Entry Description

It needs hundreds and thousands of people's assistance and blessings to accomplish a massive construction. Every detail is crucial. It is tiring working all day. All I can do is making the scene into a photo, and I also want to arouse people's respect towards these constructors. Once the life experience is intense enough, whatever you do would be the same fascinating. The old master said, "I'm old, don't shoot. It's just sticking things to it. There's nothing special." I said, "Things get more fascinating when it gets older. Charming is not only for young people anymore!" I found that there are many elderly craftsman at the construction place. They have their spirit and persistence with them for over 50 to 60 years. Only those who look into details would discover their work of art.

About Photographer

I'm not that photographer who spends time on focusing or on preposition. I shoot whatever I see. I love to shoot people the most, and I found people is the most beautiful and emotional scenery, and also the most precious art. I'm always like this. As long as I see him in the eyes through the lens, I get panic and worried, and then I'll wait for the next expression that is not that sad. I would worry if the beautiful scene would be ruined and so would be my own confidence because the photos would stay in my mind for long. Sometimes I would stop shooting. But how would we know if there will be another scene that worths using one more film? How do we know that this is it!? I tell myself: To live, to have causes and conditions with people and to allow ourselves to be a person with more stories. And then the photos would be better. After countless life experiences, we would know which photo is the best one that you're proud of. Hello. I am Sky. I'm from Indonesia.