Petite Mort

PhotographerKako Abraham
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKako Abraham
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date01/2017
Entry Description

It starts slow. One cell feels the stimuli and awakes. The feeling makes other cells around it to respond. It begins to spread across the body, getting more and more intense. Suddenly, every inch is light up, reacting to every touch. All the senses are on. Everything is blossoming, when -oh- the explosion arrives. The climax is so intense it forces everything to shut down. For a second, the body goes from ecstasy to death. Petite Mort is that brief moment when extreme pleasure and death meet. For an instant, time and space are lost, consciousness disappears, and the pulsing feeling turns into transcendence. Kako Abraham’s Petite Mort show various little deaths. They portray intimate moments of erotism and even suffering. In a candid way, these images reveal how pleasure can reach a maximum peak through different means and senses. It is an exploration of what it means to live and die.

About Photographer

Kako Abraham creates new imaginary worlds through photography. Conceptualizes in the form of pictures. The characters, scenes and situations that he conceives are dramatic and profound in a way that might turn abstract. He create immersive pieces of art that challenge all the senses. Listen to the rain. Feel the textures and volumes. They are eye-catching and sophisticated images full of complex emotions that you can feel under your skin. And they won?t let go. Kako?s work is shocking. It makes you think. React. That is why his conceptual fine art is not suitable for frivolous or prudish.