Honorable Mention

Sumo wrestlers

  • Photographer
    Giovanni Sonsini
  • Date of Photograph
    November 2016
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D810

Sumo is an ancient form of infighting practiced by two wrestlers with extraordinary physical dimensions and wearing the traditional "mawashiā€¯. The competition takes place on a square ring (dhoyo) with 5,5m side covered with fine sand. The Sumo appears from the very first actions as a sacred ceremony where every moment, every object is calculeted and symbolic, where the actions of the wrestlers are aimed more at a formal perfection than the sports results. Typically the meetings last only a few seconds when one of the wrestlers pushes the other out of the ring. The winner will not rejoices and the loser does not despair but both leave dhoyo with majestic indifference between the screams and public clamor.

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