Sumo wrestlers

PhotographerGiovanni Sonsini
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo DateNovember 2016
Technical InfoNikon D810
Entry Description

Sumo is an ancient form of infighting practiced by two wrestlers with extraordinary physical dimensions and wearing the traditional "mawashi”. The competition takes place on a square ring (dhoyo) with 5,5m side covered with fine sand. The Sumo appears from the very first actions as a sacred ceremony where every moment, every object is calculeted and symbolic, where the actions of the wrestlers are aimed more at a formal perfection than the sports results. Typically the meetings last only a few seconds when one of the wrestlers pushes the other out of the ring. The winner will not rejoices and the loser does not despair but both leave dhoyo with majestic indifference between the screams and public clamor.

About Photographer

I’m a non professional photographer keen on landscape, architecture and travel photography. I have a degree in mechanical engineering. My passion for photography began at my ninth birthday when I received a gift from my grandmother a simple but beautiful Kodak Retinette and then I began experimenting by myself with apertures, shutter speeds and so on. Since then I have continued to take pictures although during the university studies as well as many very challenging work periods had a negative impact on my photographic work. In the last ten years I started to take pictures with some assiduity and I participate with great satisfaction to some trips organized by the Nikon School Travel. At the time I published on the site " Blurb " 31 photographic books of my trips. 2016 - Siena International photo Award - Awarded with "Remarkable artwork" in architecture category 2017 - International Color Awards - Awarded with "Honorable Mention" in aerial category and 9 nominations in Abstract, architecture, nature and portrait categories 2017 - Fine Art Photography Awards - Awarded with 6 nominations in abstract, architecture, fine art, nature and open theme (sport) 2017 – Prix de la Photographie – Paris - Awarded with 3 “Honorable Mention” in architecture, children and nature 2017 – Moscow International Foto Awards – Awarded with: Gold in Nature-Aerial, Silver in Nature-Trees, Bronze in Architecture-Buildings, Honorable Mention in Nature-Sunset and Nature-Landscapes..