Bleeding Tears

PhotographerYi Sun
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyYi Sun Photography
City/CountryCambridge, United Kingdom
Photo DateJan 2017
Entry Description

I still have difficulties to comprehend something so otherworldly beautiful could be so devastating for our environment if not controlled correctly. These images are taken over some tailing ponds in Western Australia. Tailing ponds are the byproducts left over from mining and extracting resources from the oilsands or minerals. Some of these can be as big as hundreds of square kilometres. They contain toxic substances and heavy metals such as lead, copper, and mercury, and have huge environmental impacts on the surrounding air, land, water, vegetation and wildlife. Breaches of these structures have already created some of the greatest environmental catastrophes. By focusing my lens on these Earth's "bleeding tears" I wish to raise our awareness of these growing environmental time bombs.

About Photographer

I am a photographer based in Cambridge, UK. I specialize in landscape and travel photography.